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sweet chilli jiz
sweet chilli jiz
Fragrant sweet and tangy, without being overly hot. This is a must as a dipping sauce. It can be used to "heat up" Black Beauty and will add a shot of excitement when added to simple steamed vegetables. Mixed with lemon or lime over grilled fish, it is simply devine. In our house it is a big favourite with cheese on toast. We have customers who buy this regularly to use purely as a salad dressing! It is great to pour over, or mix through cream cheese as a dip or spread. I also suggest trying it poured over a good quality vanilla ice-cream - its delicious!!
Price: $8
300 ml
Aromatics Ltd
Aromatics was founded by and is run by Chef Noel Crawford. Noel is well known for his ability to develop well balanced, intense flavours. That talent shines through the Aromatics product range. Smoked and pickled mushrooms, pickles, preserves and sauces are made by hand in small batches showcasing wonderful Hawke's Bay produce. All of the more...
Usage Ideas
We have customers who buy this regularly to use purely as a salad dressing!
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black beauty
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