Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla started as an aid project. New Zealand dairy farmer, John Ross, mined his horticultural know-how and appreciation of the Tongan way to put to use a block of dormant land in the village of Utungake. It took three years to develop and nurture the vines through careful training, weeding and looping, applying organic and sustainable farming practices. Full community involvement saw the aid project blossom into a business that creates a range of the most exquisite, premium vanilla products and also provides the local people with an income, necessary infrastructure and a sense of pride and purpose.

A program of innovation alongside research and development is a strong focus at Heilala Vanilla. Through a partnership with Food Technology Researchers at Massey University, unique alcohol and seed extraction technology has been developed, which resulted in the creation of the Vanilla extract, the base for our unique and award winning Vanilla Paste and Vanilla Syrup. From plantation to pantry, to

Heilala Vanilla grow & process vanilla – from plantation to pantry.
Choose from paste, extract, beans syrup or sugar.
Po Box 16078 Tauranga Tauranga 07 5526879
heilala vanilla sugar
heilala vanilla sugar

heilala vanilla syrup
heilala vanilla syrup

heilala vanilla paste
heilala vanilla paste

heilala vanilla beans
heilala vanilla beans

heilala vanilla extract
heilala vanilla extract

Usage Ideas

Use the old standby of pumpkin to make  a big pot of soup, and serve with fresh artisan bread.


Follow up with the perfect winter crumble - apples, pears or add some frozen berries. Top with vanilla custard.


Make a warming chicken casserole with sweet winter vegetables

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