Jenny Dewar's Riesling Verjus 750ml

Jenny Dewar's Verjus

Verjus (or colloquially known as ‘green juice’) is made from the juice of Riesling grapes, picked at a Brix level of approximately 14, so unripe, they are acidic, low in sugar, no alcohol.  The result is a gently sweet – sour, grapey liquid with many different uses.

Anything lemon juice and vinegar can do, verjus can do better, with less astringency.  

We’re talking vinaigrettes, marinades (especially seafood marinades), poaching fresh fruit, preparing mustards and other condiments, in pestos, salsas, and pickling juices….the list goes on.

And of course, it’s a drink as well.  Verjus is flavoursome and refreshing when splashed ‘on the rocks’, great with soda as a spritzer and terrific in cocktails.  It has an affinity for gin, while a vodka and verjus gives a gimlet a run for its money.  Verjus is also delicious as a healthy, non-alcoholic beverage, diluted with still or sparkling water, neat as an aperitif sloshed over crushed ice.

Historically, Verjus has not been easy to come by in New Zealand, which is one of the reasons why Jenny Dewer decided to develop her own.

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