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Judge Bao Five Spice 40g

Judge Bao

Judge Bao's house blend five spice.

From our popular Little Eddie pork belly bao, to our masterstock braised chicken on rice, all kudos go to our house blend five spice. This little superstar is the core ingredient in our famous masterstock. It is aromatic, sweet and punchy. We love it so much because it is highly versatile - great for savoury and sweets. Our friends from The Pie Piper made a five spice sugar in place of the usual cinnamon sugar for their donuts and it was phenomenal!

We slow roast and grind all spices in small batches to create the perfect house blend condiments. And because we make them by hand in small batches, these babies pack quite a punch! A little goes a long way - we recommend a lighter hand to first test the desired intensity you are after!

Net weight 30g. 

Vendor: Judge Bao

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