Kaituna Farm Horopito Rub 30g


Horopito is New Zealand's indigenous pepper and is found only in New Zealand. Horopito is one of the most widely used herbs in Maori food. It can be taken as a delicious tea, used in sauces or as a dressing. Horopito also has anti-fungal properties which saw it used medicinally.

Horopito is also known as 'bush pepper' as the leaves have a hot peppery, citrusy taste and can be used as a seasoning on food, similar to black pepper. Rub on white or red meat or fish to impart peppery flavour. Use as a seasoning for vegetables, salads, pasta, bread or stuffing. Use as a simple smoke for fish or meat at a low heat. Use to create delicious marinades or sauces with a mild peppery flavour.


Vendor: Greattastenz

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