Karamaya Black Sunchoke Puree 60g

Neudorf Black

What excellent taste you have! Flavour notes: mild umami, nutty-sweet, raisin.

Very versatile for sweet or savoury dishes. Add to any stirfry or spread on gourmet sandwiches.

Ingredients: organic sunroot infused with manuka, horopito and kawakawa. No added sugar or preservatives.

Sunroot (aka sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke) is a native North American food (tubers of the sunflower Helianthus Tuberosus) used for centuries to help lower blood sugar and aid digestive health. Also shown to stabilise energy levels battling fatigue and mood swings. Diabetic-friendly food.

Infused with selected New Zealand native herbs to boost the anti-bacterial qualities, our Black Sunroot is a world-first, naturally produced under the same controlled conditions as our Black Garlic.

Vendor: Neudorf Black

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