Mahurangi Manuka Honey 500gm

Mahurangi Honey

We have large stands of Manuka scrub on our beautiful coastal peninsula and the Manuka flowers early being coastal. We have our bees ready and roaring as the flush starts to appear. It is a dense thick honey, darker wax, and hard to extract, but well worth the effort! With medicinal activity, it is good to use for health and fighting infections This honey is rich with caramel overtones and bittersweet.

Mahurangi Honey is a small Beekeeping business with apiaries in different sites on the beautiful Mahurangi West Peninsula, and the local regional park. We harvest the raw pure honey and jar it directly after harvest, retaining all the pure goodness of this delicious golden nectar and sell it directly to the public at local Farmers Markets and supply a few local food outlets in Orewa, Warkworth and Matakana.

Vendor: Mahurangi Honey

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