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My Indian Kitchen by Ashia Ismail-Singer

Ashia Ismail Singer

I am one of four girls, and we all love our food. We share recipes and ask each other for culinary advice. Some of my favourite recipes are those that have been passed down through my family, adapted by each generation to suit the ingredients available. As a busy nurse, mother and home cook, I have further developed these recipes to reflect my own lifestyle and cooking techniques.
This book, dedicated to my beautiful mum, Zarina, is not only full of the recipes she taught me but also ones I have created, trying to recapture the flavours of my childhood, so I can share them with my own children.
I have loved every minute of this journey and I’m delighted to be sharing the recipes from My Indian Kitchen with you.

From tuna kebabs or mung dhal, to the fabulous Ninni's Nutty Chicken Curry, cooling Lassi and on to the very moreish Indian sweets like or Rice Pudding or Cardamom Cake.

I believe that food celebrates life, so I hope my easy to cook, authentic, Eastern-inspired dishes inspire you to cook fabulous meals to share with your family and friends. May they help to create wonderful memories with those you love. 

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