NoShortcuts Sambal Ulek 255g


A Medium spicy chilli relish inspired by Mary's time in Indonesia. 


Sambal is a hot sauce or paste typically made from a mixture of a variety of chili peppers with secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, palm sugar, lime juice, and rice vinegar or other vinegars. It is native to the cuisines of Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Singapore.

Addictive with lamb, pork, chicken, cheeses, as a rice or pasta sauce and in antipasto platters. 

Use whenever you would use chilli; in a stir fry with prawns and noodles, peanut sauce, curried mince, casseroles and meatballs. Try it with Vogels and cream cheese or in a soup with fish, stock, vegetables and noodles.

 Ingredients: red chilli, onion, garlic, sunflower oil, shrimp paste, spices and salt. 

Non gluten, All NZ natural with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added. Low in salt and sugar.

Vendor: NoShortcuts

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