Primal Future Cricket Corn Chips 120g

Primal Future


Primal Future's Cricket Corn Chips are a higher protein corn chip that incorporates cricket powder; a sustainable protein alternative made from insects which have been hailed as the protein of the future. With three amazing flavours:

  • Aged Cheddar
  • Jalapeno & Lime 
  • Marlborough Sea Salt

Our Cricket Corn Chips are an inviting way to help introduce and normalise the idea of eating insects. They also boast a 4.5 health star rating and the equivalent protein of eating two and a half eggs per packet. Grab a bag today and taste the future.

Cricket protein powder is a complete protein which means it contains a full nutritional profile of all nine essential amino acids necessary for the dietary needs of humans. Cricket powder provides a cleaner source of digestible protein that is less processed than most other protein alternatives and contains naturally occurring calcium, iron and vitamin B12 making it a strong contender for the protein of the future.

Allergen Information: Individuals with a crustacean shellfish allergy may be allergic to crickets. Store in a cool, dry place and refrigerate after opening.

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Type: Snacks

Vendor: Primal Future

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