purewasabi from Coppersfolly 55g


purewasabi is an exciting herb which is now grown in New Zealand.
Wasabi is a delicious condiment that is traditionally known as the hot accompaniment to sushi and sashimi. But it also goes well with steak, ham, chicken, lamb, and all sorts of fish and seafood.
It can also be used like mustard in sandwich fillings and crackers.

purewasabi contains predominantly fresh NZ grown wasabi rhizomes, with a little grapeseed oil, lemon juice, citric acid and salt added.
No artificial flavourings nor colouring.
Our wasabi is grown free of any insecticides and fungicides in pristine conditions, mostly in running water with a few grown in soil. It is the same plant, just in a different medium.

Vendor: Coppersfolly