Simon Gault Home Cuisine Kiwi (horopito) Seasoning 60gm

Simon Gault Home Cuisine

Get some Kiwi in Ya'! My horopito seasoning's just mint. My horopito seasoning brings a uniquely New Zealand flavour to traditional favourites like steak, pork, lamb, fish or prawns and turns everyday sauces like tomato into sumptuous experiences. Add it to burger mince, meatballs, bolognese, beef stew for a result that’s a unique taste of New Zealand. Horopito is a native New Zealand bush herb and it’s slightly peppery so this is great for your red meats, seafood and roast spuds. Enjoy and get into it. Complex blend of 12 ingredients including horopito, garlic, rosemary, mint, sage and rock salt. Use me on steak, pork, lamb, venison, chicken fish, prawns, mussels, roast veges and more. Use me in sauces, pies, casseroles, burgers, marinades, roast stuffing, mince, meatloaf, slow cooking and much more!

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