Always Delicious by Lauraine Jacobs

Lauraine Jacobs

"Always Delicious" is a compilation of Lauraine’s favourite recipes from her eponymous New Zealand Listener column; recipes that Lauraine loves so much, she cooks them constantly. They reflect her belief that food should be consistently delicious to eat, simple to make and use the best of our fresh seasonal ingredients.
Always Delicious contains more than 100 recipes and is organised into six sections, including: sensational salads and vegetables, savoury dishes, fish, meat, sweets and desserts. For Lauraine, salad and vegetables are at the heart of every meal. “As a Kiwi-raised girl who grew up with meat or protein at the centre of the dinner plate, I continue the habits of my lifetime, albeit with much smaller portions of lamb, beef, chicken or fish than when I started out cooking. There are always seasonal vegetables with my meals, and we eat vegetable-based dishes frequently,” says Lauraine.
Featuring Liz Clarkson’s luscious food photography, Always Delicious is an elegant and inspiring cookbook. As Lauraine says, “Most importantly, I hope some of these recipes will have you energised to get into the kitchen, be excited about cooking, and really enjoying delicious food.”

Vendor: Lauraine Jacobs

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