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We are lucky  to have so many different foods to choose from when we eat out. And increasingly the special  and exotic ingredients for many of these cuisines are far more readily available for you to buy and use in your home cooking.
So we have together a small collection of foods made by the talented immigrants now in New Zealand. These are usually made to an old family recipe, and enable you to easily add very authentic flavours to your own creations. 
  • House of  Dumplings Chilli Oil with Szechuan pepper (Chinese)
  • Kaituna Farm Togarishi powder to sprinkle on Japanese dishes
  • Mamia's Ethiopian sauce - Kiwi Hot!
  • Marlaina's Iodised jerk Salt (Caribbean)
  • Jen's Cozinha Goat Curry paste (Indian)
  • Matcha Tea (Japanese)  
  • Salute Ras El Hanout for Middle Eastern dishes
  • The Lucky taco Habanero Sauce (Mexican)
  • Urban Hippie Miso 450g (Japanese)


Note: we occasionally run out of a food item in a collection. We will substitute with another food item of similar type and value. Thanks for your understanding. 

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