Salsa Brava Mild Chimichurri 250g

Salsa Brava


Handmade Salsa Brava Mild Chimichurri sauce. This classic Argentinean dressing will transform your everyday dishes into exotic and delicious meals.

Chimichurri is made from finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, red pepper flakes, and wine vinegar. Additional flavourings such as paprika, cumin, thyme, lemon, basil, cilantro (coriander leaf) and bay leaf may be included.

It´s as good dolloped on roast veggies or grilled meats as it is on Argentinean choripan (grilled sausage sandwich). You can also use it to marinate veggies, tofu or to season a roast dinner. We encourage you to discover new delicious uses for your chimichurri.

Salsa Brava brings together fresh, natural and healthy local ingredients to make premium handmade sauces. We care about human and environmental sustainability and we are committed to offering premium quality products. We prepare our sauce with a mix of spices that combine aromas and flavours in a unique way. Using traditional techniques transforming even the simplest of meal into a memorable experience.


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