Fearless Kitchen by Vanessa Baxter

Vanessa Baxter

My latest book is over 200 pages of mouth watering inspiration.

The recipes reflect my travels around the globe but are simple and achievable, using every day, affordable ingredients.

I would love every member of your family to feel they can cook from this book and feel less fearful about trying something new. I have created 80 amazingly delicious recipes  that are perfect for cooking up at home when you are feeding your family and friends.

Easy family friendly and healthy recipes. Lots and lots of options for anyone who’s looking for recipes that can cover every meal of the day.

Tips on how to make the recipes and also how to get others into the kitchen and involved.

Pantry basics, equipment basics and loads of help and ideas for substitutions. Information on products that you may not have heard before

Extraordinary Colour photos for every recipe, thanks to my talented photographer Todd Eyre 


I hope you and your family enjoy this. Cook well and eat well.

Vendor: Vanessa Baxter

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