Neudorf Black Garlic Puree 180g

Neudorf Black

Good choice! Flavour notes: strong umami, reduced balsamic, tamarind, sweet, savoury, liquorice.

Use as a condiment or spread. Stir into a risotto or mix through aioli for starters. No garlic breath, guaranteed.

We use 100% New Zealand garlic, with no preservatives or additives. Our Black Garlic puree has a stronger flavour than Black Garlic bulbs or cloves.

Enjoyed in Asia for centuries for its health benefits, Black Garlic is high in amino acids and has twice the antioxidants of regular garlic.

The natural result of slow-cooking fresh garlic for weeks under controlled conditions, Black Garlic is shown to support heart health. There are no adverse effects from Black Garlic, not even infamous garlic breath.

Create something special with the gourmet product range from Neudorf Black. Immune-boosting Black Garlic and diabetic-friendly Black Sunroot are easy to use and bursting with flavour. Loved by discerning restaurants and home foodies alike.

Vendor: Neudorf Black

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