Stams Sweet Apple Syrup 250ml


Gusto Sweet Apple Syrup in 250ml bottles with Easy Flo pourer built in.

Kilos of crisp red apples create a mouth watering sweet apple syrup that livens up your taste buds and adds zing to any dish.

Made from 100% natural orchard apples sourced from the beautiful food bowl of New Zealand, the wonderful Hawkes Bay area.

Fresh apples are picked, sorted, and crushed to release their sweet and tangy juice, which is gently heated over time to concentrate the juice into a rich golden syrup.

Nothing else added, no artificial flavours, colours, or extra sugar, just apple juice.

What other people say…

“We pour this over pancakes and bacon, yummy!”.

“This is a delicious alternative to maple syrup and makes a great change-of-pace topper for French toast.”

“Makes a great sundae topping over vanilla ice cream, or as a pancake topping!”

“Tart and fruity, apple syrup is great on hot, buttered toast.”

“We teamed it up with a cheese plate, wowed the guests.”

Each bottle comes with a recipe neck tag and you can get more recipes at

Enjoy! Start the day with a leisurely breakfast

Vendor: Stams

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