TAMCO Tamarillo Vinaigrette 250ml


For the creation of our Tamarillo Vinaigrette Dressing we had to design and build a unique infusion technique which was not available in NZ. The process is carefully controlled to ensure that the result is a highly clarified dark ruby red, tart/sweet product specifically handcrafted for the high-end specialty food market.

Our “For the love of Tams” Tamarillo Vinaigrette Dressing is delicious drizzled over salads, or spooned over barbecued meats, steamed vegetables or cooked seafood. Add to butter sauces for meat or fish, add to marinades, whisk with olive oil to serve as a dip for crusty bread or combine with mayonnaise to dress potato or other vegetable salads. For a simple dessert, drizzle “For the love of Tams” Tamarillo Vinaigrette Dressing over strawberries and serve with whipped cream.

And this is our all-time favourite: Cut an avocado in half and in the hollow that’s left pour a capful of tamarillo vinaigrette, let in infuse in the avocado for a half a minute, then smear it across your cheese and crackers – take my word for it, cheeses and crackers will never taste the same again!

Savour the tantalising taste of tamarillos all year round with “For the Love of Tams” Vinaigrette.

Vendor: TAMCO

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