The "Cook at Home" pantry filler

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We know that many people who were not frequent or confident cooks at home, are now having to cook three meals a day, every day.  There are plenty of places to get inspiration, but you may need something a  little extra to make your creations even tastier. So we have at home every day have put together some rather tasty bits and pieces to help you fill the pantry. From crackers and olives with drinks, to oil and vinegars for salads, and rubs and sauces for the barbie.

  • Beer Belly Pale Ale Jelly
  • Due North Ninety Mile Mango Sauce
  • Earthbound Honey Balsamic
  • House of Dumplings Mum's Sauce
  • Judge Bao Pepper Salt 60g
  • Kaituna Farm Horopito Rub
  • K4 Just Ginger
  • Lot 8 Makers Blend EVO 250ml
  • Omahu Citrus Lemon Vinaigrette
  • Stabler & Steel famous Black Sauce
  • TAMCO tamarillo Relish

Note: we occasionally run out of a food item in a collection. We will substitute with another food item of similar type and value. Thanks for your understanding.

Vendor: Kai Foods

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