A Lady Butcher Charcuterie Free range Lardons two 100g packs

A Lady Butcher

It often surprises us how often we get asked for Lardo from NZ chefs and consumers. “Is it just fat?” you may ask.

To which we’d say, “well, yes, BUT...” Our Lardons are made from diced Guanciale :)

Cured free range jowls, perfect for a traditional carbonara or to serve crispy over salads. These are cured with fresh lemon zest and foraged horopito from the South Island.

And we are so happy to  have just won a silver medal in the Outstanding Food Producer Awards

Note: these are fresh products and are usually packed Tuesday. Our orders close off Monday 8pm for delivery a few days later. But they are worth the wait!

Vendor: A Lady Butcher

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