Ho Chi Minh City in 12 Dishes from Red Pork Press

Red Pork Press

 “Brilliant! Dining tips are spot-on for the best, local eating” — Luke Nguyen

“Essential for any intrepid foodie” — Dish Magazine

Hungry? Good. Buckle up. You’re in for one heckuva flavorous ride. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s booming commercial hub, is an undisputed street food capital and, as such, it’s practically one big, heaving eating opportunity. Zingy with herbs, salty with the smack of fish sauce, brimming with the goodness of vibrant produce and enlivened with notes of coconut, spice, smoke, lime and chilli, food here has crunch and flavour in spades. The only thing better than filling up on HCMC’s seductive fare? Washing it down with local coffee, poured over ice and sweetened with gobs of sticky-sweet condensed milk.

To tackle all this, you need a dining primer. Let Ho Chi Minh City In 12 Dishes show you what to eat, as well as where to eat, in this most tantalising of destinations. Profiling the city’s defining dishes and best food experiences, Ho Chi Minh City In 12 Dishes will appeal to travellers who want to cut straight to the chase, gastronomically speaking. And isn’t that everyone?

Phở, bánh mì, bánh xèo, chè and barbecue are among the essential 12 dishes showcased, although this nifty book goes way beyond these. You’ll find info on HCMC’s other soup noodles, advice on what to eat in frantic Cholon, where to get a stellar coffee and how to identify the myriad fresh herbs that are so freely strewn about. Addresses are in Vietnamese for ease of travel, and everything is sumptuously photographed, so you know exactly what you’re aiming for. Designed to provide a starting point and bolster confidence, Ho Chi Minh City In 12 Dishes will have you eating like a local, in no time at all.

This book also features…

• 12 must-eat dishes, including descriptions, helpful information and restaurant listings

• Personal dining recommendations from celebrity chef Luke Nguyen

• Where to shop for fabulous gifts for your food-loving pals

• A guide to the best bars

• The low-down on HCMC’s cafe scene

• An i.d. of fresh herbs used in HCMC cooking

• A look at Cholon’s temples and unique dishes

• The best markets to visit in, or near, District 1

• Historical attractions to visit, between bites

165mm x 115mm x 10mm



Vendor: Red Pork Press

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