Shanghai in 12 Dishes from Red Pork Press

Red Pork Press

Award-Winning Finalist in the “Travel: Guides & Essays” category of the 2017 International Book Awards.

Shanghai is exhilarating, dynamic and endlessly fascinating. But, when hunger strikes, where to start in a city with so much on its menu? Beautifully designed, sumptuously photographed and chock-a-block with invaluable dining information, Shanghai In 12 Dishes helps you cut to the chase, culinarily speaking. Aimed at travelling food lovers, this book assumes you’re visiting Shanghai for a limited period and don’t have time to waste. You don’t need to be overwhelmed with endless listings, options and recommendations; you just want a reliable entrée into the local dining scene, and you want it pronto. You also want authenticity. You want dining experiences that are meaningful. You want to rub shoulders with locals. 
Focusing squarely on Shanghainese cuisine, the emphasis here is as much on what to eat, as it is on where to eat. Structured around 12 iconic dishes, this pocketable book features meaty information on each dish, guiding you to the places you can find them. Dishes such as shēng jiān bāo (pan-fried pork buns), xiǎo lóng bāo (soup dumplings), lion’s head meatballs, red-cooked pork, squirrel-shaped mandarin fish and crab-braised tofu. Such dishes define Shanghai and you’d be nuts to leave town without discovering them. 
Shanghai in 12 Dishes doesn't stop at just 12 dishes, however. The restaurants listed represent so much more than these essential bites - this book merely gives you starting points for making your own culinary finds. All you need is a sharpened sense of adventure and to throw yourself into Shanghai's incredible world of food. As you follow the local food trail, you’ll meet locals, see sights, buy things and create memories to last your life. 
This book also features...
• A day trip itinerary for Suzhou
• Personal dining recommendations from Jereme Leung, one of China’s foremost chefs
• A guide to bars with great views
• The low-down on food streets
• Shopping recommendations for food lovers and cooks
• An A-Z guide to the Former French Concession
• A field guide to local breakfast staples
• Profiles of favourite teahouses and a tea-buying ID guide
• Restful places to walk when you’ve had a few dumplings too many
And so much more…
Inside Shanghai In 12 Dishes…
• Easy-to-navigate with full colour photographs throughout
• A handy map outlining major landmarks and restaurant locations
• Useful features such as addresses in local language, for ease of on-the-ground travel
• Pocketable, affordable and user-friendly content

Vendor: Red Pork Press

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