Lot Eight Flavours of Aotearoa Oil 250ml

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In 2017, our oil maker was gifted Kawakawa and Horopito from a very special garden to make a herb oil. No promises were made that these herbs milled with olives would retain their amazing flavours. The oil we produced delighted everyone and the subsequent 2019 oil confirmed the success of this blend.

Kawakawa and Horopito are revered by Maori as therapeutic plants and for good reason. These herbs have stood the test of time, with their unique flavour attributes. The orange fruits from the female plant are sweet and the seeds are peppery. We love the earthy flavours they impart combining the umami of the Kawakawa and the hot peppery notes of the Horopito. This season we included dried Kawakawa berries to prolong the peppery taste.

How to Use

Use this cold-pressed oil to dress raw or steamed seafood, soups, roasts and casseroles. A simple dish of fresh raw white fish, sea salt and finished with a drizzle of Flavours of Aotearoa is a firm favourite here.

Create an indigenous dish with a combination of whole potatoes and whole cauliflower with Horopito, cooked slowly or baked in the hangi. Serve on its own or with roasted meats and add a dash of Aotearoa Olive Oil.

Baked brie is a special dish and this one is baked in pastry. Use puff or shortcrust around the brie and add a few dollops of this oil over the brie before wrapping and baking. The unique flavours will come through after cooking for 10 minutes in a hot oven. Serve with freshly baked sourdough or on sliced baguettes.

Make a Kawakawa pesto using almonds, garlic and the stalks of the kawakawa together with Aotearoa Olive Oil and use to spread on the inside of a boned lamb shoulder before rolling up and securing together. Baste with Aotearoa Oil during the cooking process and cook slowly.

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