Lot Eight Flavours of the East Olive Oil 250ml

Lot Eight


The ‘Flavours of the East’ has resulted from our oil maker’s love for crispy Asian salads.

This season, the olives were milled with Vietnamese mint, lemongrass, coriander roots and kaffir limes. With a delicate intensity of flavour, this cold-pressed oil combined with fresh lime juice, brown sugar, fish sauce, salt and pepper would make an ideal dressing for Asian salads or mixed with white wine vinegar and drizzled over sashimi and oysters. Simply garnish the salad with mint or coriander leaves for a perfect taste sensation.

How to Use

This oil is perfect to use as a dipping sauce with a little soy and rice wine vinegar for your dumplings and dim sum.

Use over steamed Asian greens with some finely sliced ginger and garlic with crushed peanuts to add some texture.

Japanese sashimi is a perfect item for the Flavours of the East Olive Oil to be used as a finishing touch with a drizzle, combined with a teaspoon of miso paste and a little hint of wasabi.

Thai salads are abundant with colour, spice and complexity of flavour and texture. A salad dressing combining the Flavours of the East Olive Oil, together with some coriander leaves, some additional lemongrass or shredded lemon peel, will add a vibrant finish.

Grill meat skewers basted with Flavours of the East Olive Oil and roll in the finely chopped onion and peppers then place on BBQ to grill on all sides and then place on a bed of Asian greens.

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Type: Oil

Vendor: Lot Eight

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