Salsa Brava Gift Box of four 250g bottles

Salsa Brava


These 4 unique and flavourful sauces are packaged in 250 gram bottles. These vegan, gluten free and preservative free sauces enhance and add zing to meals with a palate-stirring freshness.
CHIMICHURRI MILD – Argentinian sauce; based on Parsley, Oregano, Garlic, Paprika, and Sunflower oil. Traditionally used as a side for grilled meats. It is a versatile sauce that will enhance the taste of your meals.
CHIMICHURRI SPICY – Same flavours and ingredients as the mild chimichurri, the only difference is that this is a more spicy version. It has a good hit, it is hot but not a burning hot, so the flavours remain the same!
ROCOTO – Enjoy our hot sauce, traditional from Peru. Based on Rocoto chilly, capsicum, roasted garlic, and onions. Rocoto is a Chilly that is not the hottest one, but it has a beautiful aroma, a very unique flavour, and a good hit. Not necessarily it will burn your mouth out, it will definitely add flavours and a good hit to your food. Just add to taste on any dish.
WASAKAKA – traditional sauce from Venezuela, right from the Caribbean. Based on coriander, lime, ginger, garlic, and Jalapeños. It’s fresh and it feels very tropical, mild, and spicy. Really good on Fish, Chicken, as a burrito dressing; or my favourite, add it to a smashed avocado.
GIFT BAG READY – Just wrap it up or add a bow, and this gift set is ready to go!

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