Manaaki Kawakawa Jelly 220gm


Kawkawa Jelly has a sweet apple base peppered with the minty fresh taste of kawakawa leaves.
It could be described as a Māori version of a mint jelly. But, with the unique taste of kawakawa, we have found it to be far more versatile, complementing a much wider range of dishes.
Kawakawa can best be described as a native Bush Basil. Traditionally used in cuisine and as a rongoa Māori (natural remedy) by our tupuna (ancestors).

Great ways to enjoy the pickle
• Ideal on a cheese platter with your favourite creamy blue cheese or sharp tasting hard cheeses
• As an accompaniment to cold meats
• In a lamb burger
• Use as a glaze for pulled pork and sliders
• On fried Maori bread (don’t forget to butter) to satisfy any sweet tooth

gluten free

Vendor: Manaaki

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