Manaaki Horopito and Lemon Sauce 170gm


Our Horopito & Lemon sauce is Manaaki’s dairy free alternative to mayo and hollandaise sauce.
It’s a fresh tasting, lively sauce with zesty citrus flavours, a peppery bite (from the horopito) and a smooth, silky texture.
Horopito, also known as Bush Pepper, is unique to New Zealand. It has both aromatic and peppery flavours and, like kawakawa, has a history of use in Māori cuisine and medicine.

Great ways to enjoy the pickle
• Perfect with salmon or any other kai moana (seafood)
• On new potatoes or as a dip for fries
• Drizzled over summer salads
• With fresh asparagus or green beans
• As a dairy free substitute for Eggs Benedict

gluten free

Vendor: Manaaki

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